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Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Sunglasses Thread Archive

The Sunglasses Thread Archive

I hate trucker hats. I mean in 8th grade I wanted to be a truckdriver. This is because honking your horn for little kids makes them feel so good about themselves, and that is how I want to contribute to this society. But now, Im leanign more towards the commercial designer. Anyways, not all aviatorwearers are posers. That rude comment shows just how ignorant you and a lot other posters are. The reason why I wear them is because I like the way it looks. And I have a lot of big belt bucklebelts. So Im cool.

03032006, 08:21 PM

ah, many thanks to you smooth87. I was about to make a thread asking for a good fake oakley site. Well right now I have a few pairs of the straight jackets and they are pretty sweet. I was pondering the same question you had and actually I still am. I think the only difference between the two is the size. I think I might just buy one pair from each and figure out what one I like more.

any other places i can get them?wolfie, thats a good link. STP Sierra Trading Post is one of the very few places you can by 100% authentic, first quality Oakleys at discounted closeout prices. As fossil wrote, its true, Oakley has very, very strict price controls, so you very rarely see real ones below MSRP. In fact, until only recently STP was allowed to advertise their Oakley closeouts in their print catalogs only and not on their website. buyer beware. Lots of fakes on there, so its easy to get rippedoff.

05222006, 08:57 PM

i had a pair of oakley 2.0 square wires my dad gave me as a gift about 2 years ago. my mom is a real estate agent, and is constantly driving random strangers around in her car. my glasses were left in the car, and her client forgot her sunglasses, so my mom generously lent my 180 dollar glasses to this lady. the client took the sunglasses home and never returned any emails or phone calls. the glasses are long gone. now i am wearing foakleys from my trip to mexico over winter break.

05232006, 11:38 PM

gascans are so ugly, I dont get it. Theyre incredibly poorly made too, so cheap and flimsy. They look like something the terminator would wear when trying to look a bit flamboyant.

Flimsy? Are you joking? Have you ever held them?

These things are solid. So solid that they have a one year warranty on them. I dont know what could spell it out more. . . unless they put a flashing glow in the dark label THESE THINGS ARE TOUGH.

As for thinking theyre ugly, yeah everyone has an opinion.

05242006, 12:08 PM

Not only have I held them I have worn them for a day at school. Its thin plastic, it is cheap. I have Spy MCs, theyre so durable its not even funny. They dont scratch, dont break, but they come loose over time. I had a pair for 4 years, sat on them, dropped them most every day, nothing ever happened.

Well Im glad you validated your opinion, I dont agree. Yes it is all plastic, but it is thick and you can feel the durability when you open and close them. . . hard to explain but these feel straight up solid much more solid than my all metal Bolle ones I was wearing until they got stepped on.

i just got a pair of the shiny black oakley gascans, their pretty sweet espically for driving

iv had a pair of oakley minutes, black with silver specks and black polarized lenses for several years, but i pretty much only use those for my kayaking, they dont look as good for everyday wear, these new ones are sweet

as for the difference between oakleys and foakleys. buy both of them your foakleys will be chipping paint and breaking after a year tops, treat your oakleys well and theyll last a lifetime.

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