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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Student Jobs at the NCC

Student Jobs at the NCC

Looking for an exciting summer job? The NCC is a dynamic organization with a variety of interesting opportunities for students. Play a part in making Canadas Capital Region a vibrant, green and engaging capital for all Canadians.

Students are important to the NCC. We recognize that todays student is tomorrows talent!

Up to 200 students are hired by the NCC each year for a variety of jobs. These student job opportunities are posted here from January to April each year.

There are no student job opportunities at this time.

Who is Eligible for an NCC Student Job?

You are eligible for an NCC student job if you

are returning to fulltime studies next fall

have the required experience for and meet the mandatory requirements and terms and conditions of the position

meet the language requirement many NCC positions are bilingual, but there are also jobs that require fluency in only one official language

are available to work for the entire term of the position.

What are the Student Wages?

Your salary as a student employee is based on the level of education required for the job. The salary ranges are listed in the NCCs Terms and Conditions of Employment for Students.

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