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Monday, April 28, 2014

Pin by Dianna Leeder is thewomenscoachcravemorelifecom on Kicking Y

Pin by Dianna Leeder is thewomenscoachcravemorelifecom on Kicking Y Pin #by #Dianna #Leeder #is #thewomenscoachcravemorelifecom #on #Kicking #Y

DIY Idea Make a Steampunky Pipe Book Shelf

DIY Idea Make a Steampunky Pipe Book Shelf DIY #Idea #Make #a #Steampunky #Pipe #Book #Shelf

Pin by Lydie on Couture pour petits a vendre

Pin by Lydie on Couture pour petits a vendre Pin #by #Lydie #on #Couture #pour #petits #a #vendre # #Pinterest

Photo Bombs Gallery Photo Bombs

Photo Bombs Gallery Photo Bombs Photo #Bombs # #Gallery # #Photo #Bombs # #Pinterest

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Saturday, April 26, 2014

apple rose tartlets Art Food 3

apple rose tartlets Art Food 3 Pinterest apple #rose #tartlets # #Art #Food #3 # #Pinterest

Las sirenas de gotham city This is too Cool

Las sirenas de gotham city This is too Cool Pinterest Las #sirenas #de #gotham #city # #This #is #too #Cool # #Pinterest

Lili Gaufrette Baby Girls Fur Coat Elfin Childrenswear Online Pin

Lili Gaufrette Baby Girls Fur Coat Elfin Childrenswear Online Pin Lili #Gaufrette #Baby #Girls #Fur #Coat # #Elfin #Childrenswear #Online # #Pin

Promise yourself Words that Inspire

Promise yourself Words that Inspire Pinterest Promise #yourself # #Words #that #Inspire # #Pinterest

Thursday, April 17, 2014

no spark after new ignition coil

no spark after new ignition coil

I dont know much about small engines, trying to get this one working.

I replaced my old ignition coil because i read that it should read 25 ohms from plug wire to ground when it is disconnected. I did get spark before replacement, now I cant get any spark. The new coil doesnt read 25 ohms either! Did I get a bad coil? Is there something else I can try? I get a small reading on my voltmeter set to dc volts when the magnet passes by the coil. I replaced the spark plug also.

The old coil had wires entering a hole behind the flywheel. The new coils instructions told me to cut those wires. I ran the ground wire straight to a ground under the gas tank.

Any help would be awesome! Thanx!

Thanks, I didnt quite understand how the kill switch works and I had it wired wrong.

So, I now have spark. The engine idles smoothly, but under load it stalls. It also doesnt start very easily. I have to pull start it 5 times with the choke on then once with the choke off to start it, then it dies under load.

I have taken apart and cleaned the carb, new gaskets and diaphragm on the carb. I replaced the spark plug, ignition coil, spark plug boot. I took the head cover off and wire brush cleaned under there and replaced the head gasket.

After all this it still doesnt start easily and dies under load, any help? Whats next?

I have also replaced the breather and the rubber elbow grommets between the breather and carb.

When I had the carb apart, every port seemed clean. I could blow air freely thru every port. The only thing I couldnt do was remove the two plastic tubes extending from the carb into the gas tank. They have a hex head on them but I couldnt get them to budge. They were flexing and I was afraid to break them. I cleaned the screens on them as best as I could, and I was able to blow air thru them, they didnt seem blocked. I did not soak the carb in carb cleaner because I couldnt remove those tubes and I was afraid they would melt in the carb cleaner. I did spray carb cleaner throughout and everything seemed clean.

Today we got some snow, it seems to be running slightly better but still stalling under load. After all this work Ive done, it now back fires more than it ever has. I have attempted to tune the carb, but it seems I cant find a sweet spot. The slightest turn on that screw and it stalls.

I have tried running it without the gas cap also, no difference.

These pictures are before I took apart the carb.

Some times with a engine this old 1976 in this case you have to adjust those type carburators with the throttle wide open, work fast. You should be getting 3600 RPMs at full throttle.

While you got the cylinder head off you should inspect where the valves seat against the block, and check the valve guides. Just under the valve face is the margin where its tapered at a angle and meets the block. It should be the same width all the way around, if they arent you need a valve job.

While the valve is in the open position wiggle it, if there is a lot of side to side slop the guides are worn and maybe even the valve stem. If there is slop you need a valve job and new guides probably new valves as well.

No headline mstyle The Commercial Appeal

No headline mstyle The Commercial Appeal

We have things that you cant get anywhere else in Memphis, says Dr. Michael Weinberg, who opened the first store in Midtown with his wife, Robbie, in 2002. From the Chrome Hearts line, a rock and roll designer line, to more conservative styles, Eclectic Eye is a fullservice eye care store with a bigcity vibe.

Eyewear doesnt have to be secondary to the eye exam, says Michael Weinberg. We want to make eyewear more fun and accessible.

Midtown, 242 S. Cooper, 276EYES 3937; Collierville, 3670 S. Houston Levee, 8533213. A rotary phone hangs on one wall and an oldfashioned cash register still rings up transactions. Ray Lancaster carefully wields a razor below the hairline on the back of Bailey Helms neck.

You have to have lots of confidence in your barber, laughs Helms. Helms has lived in the neighborhood for 48 years and visits Summer Center for a haircut every two weeks.

The shop, which has been at the same location for a halfcentury, is owned by Murrel Holder.

And the prices are oldschool too. The friendly atmosphere is complimentary; the haircut will set you back $12.

697 Waring Road; 6824544. Saturday.

Finalists: Sanders Barber Style Shop, MidCity Barber Shop

If your fashion sense tends toward the Pedro Garcia ballet slipper flat, a Zac Posen black sheath or a Norma Kamali belted trench, then Joseph in East Memphis is your onestop shop.

Alfred Wexner, the thirdgeneration owner, believes that the stores customers appreciate sophistication. The Memphis and MidSouth woman is welltraveled and wants the best.

Wexner notes that the store, which also carries cosmetics, has developed a following with females of all ages. We even get high schoolaged girls at our cosmetics counter.

Joseph also recently received accolades from the top fashion magazine Harpers Bazaar and was named one of the top 95 specialty stores in America. What we do, we think, is exciting, says Wexner.

418 S. Grove Park; 7671609. Thursday.

Opened in 1859, the store is the local exclusive carrier of such highfashion labels as Ermengildo Zegna and Canali, as well as Gravati and Mark Nason shoes.

Bill Levy, a greatgreatgrandson of the founder Soloman Halle, attributes much of the longevity of Oak Hall to the values he learned from his grandfather Sol Halle. He taught us to run the business with integrity and to be fair and honest, says Levy, who coowns the business, which also sells womens clothes, with his brother Bob.

Our store has been known as a traditional to updated traditional store for years, says Levy. While that is still our core, we have always tried to add fashionable clothes for our customers as tastes evolve. We are excited that our efforts have been recognized.

6150 Poplar; 7613580. Thursday.

Finalists: James Davis; Macys

For the sassiest cuts and the most radiant colors, readers chose 5101 Salon as the Most Beautifying Salon in Memphis. Named for its address on Sanderlin, the East Memphis salon also sells makeup, accessories such as jewelry and purses, and paintings by artist and employee Joy Routt.

Owner Lynn Mellor believes that her customer base is so strong because of the shops atmosphere. Were here to help people look and feel better about themselves and to have fun doing it.

5101 Sanderlin; 6810070.

Finalists: A Clientage; A Great Cut

We are probably one of the few family jewelry businesses left in Memphis, says Bob Mednikow, who is the thirdgeneration owner. To be voted the best is especially meaningful.

Mednikow carries wellknown brands such as Cartier, David Yurman and Marco Bicego, as well as lesserknown upandcoming jewelry and watch designers.

Mednikow is confident of the continuation of the family name well into future. My son Jay who is also a partner in the business and his wife, Elizabeth, have 15month old twin sons, so we are guaranteed that it will be around for a long time.

Mobile number portability

Mobile number portability

New Delhi, Jan 20: Are you not happy with your mobile operators schemes, services and flexibilities? Dont be irritated. Now, here comes your solutions. Choose your favourable mobile operator and say good bye to the old one.

Here is the good news for all mobiles users. The much awaited Mobile Number Portability MNP will be operational in India from Thursday, Jan 20. The MNP scheme was launched first in Haryana in Nov 2010 and now all set to be implemented in all around the nation.

Its a new development in Mobile Communication Technology. In India there are more than 700 million mobile users. In this service the mobile user can switch to other service provider without changing the mobile numbers. Both prepaid and postpaid teleusers have the facility to switch to other favourable teleoperators.

How to switch Rules:

The subscriber, who likes to avail this service, need to send a SMS from his mobile to 1900. Once the customer sends SMS, he will be receiving a unique porting code from the current service provider. Then he need to fill the application in a particular format and mention the new service provider, the customer would like to subscribe for. The new service provider will collect the information about the user from the current operator. A time period of seven days will be taken for the complete transfer of mobile number to the network of the new mobile operator. UPDATE: 2G ban ashamed; Mobile Number Portability rescues customersThe only restriction is that you can change your operator without changing your number only within your current service area.

Suppose a subscriber, who is using a Mumbai number, can not switch to an operator in Bangalore. The subscriber can only change his/her operator within Mumbai only.

Experts take on Mobile Number Portability:

The implementation of MNP will hit the operating margins of service providers and those with deeper pockets would be better placed to cope up with the new scenario, ratings agency ICRA stated.

The nation wide implementation will increase churn of customers, shootup the customer acquisition and retention and lower the ARPUs average revenue per user as competitive tariff plans will have to be offered, the agency said in a note.

On service quality, operators will have to focus on better customer care and network coverage while differentiated services like 3G can also swing customers towards a particular operator, ICRA added.

However, mobile users are advised to think twice before switching to another tele operators as surveys have revealed that the net effect of number portability is practically negligible.

Consumers are suggested to change operators better based on a perception of improvement rather than a real difference..

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Sunglasses Thread Archive

The Sunglasses Thread Archive

I hate trucker hats. I mean in 8th grade I wanted to be a truckdriver. This is because honking your horn for little kids makes them feel so good about themselves, and that is how I want to contribute to this society. But now, Im leanign more towards the commercial designer. Anyways, not all aviatorwearers are posers. That rude comment shows just how ignorant you and a lot other posters are. The reason why I wear them is because I like the way it looks. And I have a lot of big belt bucklebelts. So Im cool.

03032006, 08:21 PM

ah, many thanks to you smooth87. I was about to make a thread asking for a good fake oakley site. Well right now I have a few pairs of the straight jackets and they are pretty sweet. I was pondering the same question you had and actually I still am. I think the only difference between the two is the size. I think I might just buy one pair from each and figure out what one I like more.

any other places i can get them?wolfie, thats a good link. STP Sierra Trading Post is one of the very few places you can by 100% authentic, first quality Oakleys at discounted closeout prices. As fossil wrote, its true, Oakley has very, very strict price controls, so you very rarely see real ones below MSRP. In fact, until only recently STP was allowed to advertise their Oakley closeouts in their print catalogs only and not on their website. buyer beware. Lots of fakes on there, so its easy to get rippedoff.

05222006, 08:57 PM

i had a pair of oakley 2.0 square wires my dad gave me as a gift about 2 years ago. my mom is a real estate agent, and is constantly driving random strangers around in her car. my glasses were left in the car, and her client forgot her sunglasses, so my mom generously lent my 180 dollar glasses to this lady. the client took the sunglasses home and never returned any emails or phone calls. the glasses are long gone. now i am wearing foakleys from my trip to mexico over winter break.

05232006, 11:38 PM

gascans are so ugly, I dont get it. Theyre incredibly poorly made too, so cheap and flimsy. They look like something the terminator would wear when trying to look a bit flamboyant.

Flimsy? Are you joking? Have you ever held them?

These things are solid. So solid that they have a one year warranty on them. I dont know what could spell it out more. . . unless they put a flashing glow in the dark label THESE THINGS ARE TOUGH.

As for thinking theyre ugly, yeah everyone has an opinion.

05242006, 12:08 PM

Not only have I held them I have worn them for a day at school. Its thin plastic, it is cheap. I have Spy MCs, theyre so durable its not even funny. They dont scratch, dont break, but they come loose over time. I had a pair for 4 years, sat on them, dropped them most every day, nothing ever happened.

Well Im glad you validated your opinion, I dont agree. Yes it is all plastic, but it is thick and you can feel the durability when you open and close them. . . hard to explain but these feel straight up solid much more solid than my all metal Bolle ones I was wearing until they got stepped on.

i just got a pair of the shiny black oakley gascans, their pretty sweet espically for driving

iv had a pair of oakley minutes, black with silver specks and black polarized lenses for several years, but i pretty much only use those for my kayaking, they dont look as good for everyday wear, these new ones are sweet

as for the difference between oakleys and foakleys. buy both of them your foakleys will be chipping paint and breaking after a year tops, treat your oakleys well and theyll last a lifetime.

The Austin Chronicle

The Austin Chronicle

SpiritualizedThe Complete Works Volume One AristaFrom about 1992 to 1997, Jason Pierces Spiritualized was the best psychedelic rock band in the land, their luminous first two albums and transcendent live shows ensuring their legacy to be more than a mere Spacemen 3 footnote. A 2CD compendium from the Lazer Guided Melodies and Pure Phase era is a wonderful idea, stopping shy of the decline that resulted in 2001s overwrought Let It Come Down. Alas, The Complete Works Volume One is a completists dream more than a clean overview of the bands early period. Culling virtually all of the bands early singles and rarities, Volume One winds up with multiple versions of the same song, but few unique Bsides. It opens with a cover of the Troggs Anyway That You Want Me that beats the tar out of Wild Thing, but after that, theres little to surprise anyone whos heard the first two albums. Many of the alternate versions are the equivalent of poorly executed freedom fries not quite halfbaked, but not exactly done either. There are exceptions. The extended, heartbeatromp given to LGMs Smiles is one high point, as is the unedited soulcharred starburst of Medication. The sequencing is more or less chronological, but poor in terms of flow. Feel So Sad, a leftover from Spacemen 3s final album, is a wonderful tune, but three consecutive versions stretching over 25 minutes is ludicrous for a song that was originally three minutes long. For the casual fan, The Complete Works Volume One is at least three sizes too big.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Team finds markers related to ovarian cancer survival and recurrence

Team finds markers related to ovarian cancer survival and recurrence

CHAMPAIGN, lll. Researchers at the University of Illinois have identified biomarkers that can be used to determine ovarian cancer survival and recurrence, and have shown how these biomarkers interact with each other to affect these outcomes.

Their findings appear in the journal PLOS ONE.

Researchers try to find molecules called biomarkers that help determine a person likelihood of getting a disease or, if they have already been diagnosed, how far the disease has advanced. Genes, transcription factors and microRNAs are often used as biomarkers because these molecules can be heralds of disease or portents of susceptibility.

Genes are segments of DNA that code for proteins or other molecules that perform the functions of the cell. Transcription factors regulate these genes by binding to specific DNA sequences, preventing or inducing the genes to be at higher or lower levels. MicroRNAs, as their name suggests, are small RNA molecules that regulate an intermediate stage of gene expression. Transcription factors and microRNAs also can regulate each other.

The relationships among transcription factors, microRNAs and target genes can be visualized as interconnected networks. These intricate webs are often used to determine how diseases such as cancer proceed. Analyzing how these networks function in cancer can offer insight into how tumor cells proliferate and differentiate, undergo or resist programmed cell death, and how likely they are to become invasive.

According to the American Cancer Society, an estimated 22,240 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2013, and 14,230 will die of the disease; this makes ovarian cancer the fifth most common cause of cancer death in women. prompted U. of I. animal sciences professor Sandra RodriguezZas and doctoral researcher Kristin Delfino to search for biomarkers associated with ovarian cancer survival and recurrence.

knew that there are specific biomarkers that have been associated with ovarian cancer, but we were looking at whether we could more accurately predict survival or age at cancer recurrence considering hundreds of interacting biomarkers simultaneously, RodriguezZas said.

The team used data from the Cancer Genome Atlas, which contains information about ovarian cancer patients age, survival, cancer recurrence, treatment, tumor stage, tumor grade and genomic expression. The researchers then performed statistical tests to tie these factors to patients survival time, measured in months from diagnosis to death, and their recurrence time, measured in months from diagnosis to recurrence.

networks change for people who have different rates of survival, so we looked at what being expressed in highsurvival patients compared to what being expressed in lowsurvival patients, Delfino said.

The team was able to confirm the association of 21 microRNAs with ovarian cancer. They also found 838 target genes and 12 transcription factors associated with ovarian cancer survival and 734 target genes and eight transcription factors associated with ovarian cancer recurrence.

were able to find many biomarkers that held the same relationship with survival no matter the cancer treatment, as well as some that were unique in their relationship with survival depending on the treatment the patient had received, RodriguezZas said.

Delfino said that a networkbased approach is more predictive of ovarian cancer survival and recurrence than a singlemoleculebased perspective.

took a step back and looked at everything from a network point of view instead of just individually to see how the components interacted with each other and how the biomarkers were associated with ovarian cancer survival and recurrence, Delfino said.

demonstrated that the consideration of networks of microRNAs, transcription factors, and target genes allows us to identify reliable indicators of cancer survival and recurrence and serves as the basis for effective prognostic tools, RodriguezZas said.

Delfino believes this study opens the door to the creation of less invasive diagnostic tests and more specialized treatment options for women with ovarian cancer.

the future we like to be able to just take a little sample of your DNA and be able to tell you what going to happen, what we can do to prevent it, and how to cut cancer off before it ever reaches that point, Delfino said. is different, and hopefully, we will be able to specify the treatment that will best treat the individual patient..

Student Jobs at the NCC

Student Jobs at the NCC

Looking for an exciting summer job? The NCC is a dynamic organization with a variety of interesting opportunities for students. Play a part in making Canadas Capital Region a vibrant, green and engaging capital for all Canadians.

Students are important to the NCC. We recognize that todays student is tomorrows talent!

Up to 200 students are hired by the NCC each year for a variety of jobs. These student job opportunities are posted here from January to April each year.

There are no student job opportunities at this time.

Who is Eligible for an NCC Student Job?

You are eligible for an NCC student job if you

are returning to fulltime studies next fall

have the required experience for and meet the mandatory requirements and terms and conditions of the position

meet the language requirement many NCC positions are bilingual, but there are also jobs that require fluency in only one official language

are available to work for the entire term of the position.

What are the Student Wages?

Your salary as a student employee is based on the level of education required for the job. The salary ranges are listed in the NCCs Terms and Conditions of Employment for Students.

Sony takes PlayStationcase to the masses

Sony takes PlayStation 4 case to the masses

LOS ANGELES Sony has staked out its claim as the video game system for the people.

At the companys event on the eve of the Electronic Entertainment Expo here, Sony Consumer Entertainment president Andrew House dropped a bomb on Microsoft by announcing that its PlayStation 4 would be available this holiday season for $399 $100 cheaper than the Xbox Ones price tag.

And then, in response to some consumers having found fault with the Xbox Ones alwayson aspect and its notquiteelucidated used games policy, Sony Computer Entertainment America president Jack Tretton dealt some additional body blows. PS4 owners would be able to trade and sell game discs, he said, and would not need to be connected to the Internet to play singleplayer games.

And Tretton added that games would not become disfunctional if PS4 players did not check in every 24 hours, as it seems that Xbox One games might require. Ironically, the PS4 looked a lot like a twotoned Xbox One.

Beyond that, Sony unveiled a slew of topnotch video games in development for its PS4 system. In addition to multiple Final Fantasy games in the works, Square Enix showed off a new Kingdom Hearts 3 game. And a spooky The Order: 1866 game should attract fans of Assassins Creed and Dishonored. Beyond that, impressive new Gran Turismo and Killzone games were teased.

And Sony showed that it plans to continue catering to indie developers with several PS4 games in the works including a remastering of its original Oddworld: Abes Oddyssee.