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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

grandmother drown in Visalia pool

grandmother drown in Visalia pool

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VISALIA In a tragedy that no one witnessed, a grandmother and her grandson drowned in a backyard pool after they apparently went swimming, Visalia police said Wednesday. on the bottom of the pool by family members who went looking for them.

They were last seen about an hour and half earlier.

Tulare County Sheriffs Sgt. Thom Wright said the Coroners Office will perform an autopsy to find out if the grandmother might have suffered a heart attack or other medical emergency.

Dale Lilly, husband of Hollie Lilly, said his wife knew how to swim.

We have no idea what caused the drownings, he said. They were outside together. Normally they dont get in the pool. Its a terrible tragedy.

The family has lived in Visalia since 1990, and moved to the home in a new west Visalia neighborhood about 12 years ago, he said.

Hollie Lillie was employed by Visalia Unified School District as a behavioral intervention aide in elementary grades.

Braiden is the son of a daughter and her husband, he said.

Visalia police Sgt. Paul Esquibel said the drownings are being investigated as accidental, but fully piecing together what happened is a challenge.

We will never know what happened, Esquibel said. There are no witnesses.

However, theres evidence they had been swimming: Both victims were wearing swimsuits, and beach towels were around the pools, he said.

Family members told police that Lilly was a proficient swimmer and the 3yearold was learning how to swim, Esquibel said.

When police arrived, family members had pulled the woman and boy from the pool and were administering CPR. Police assisted until an ambulance crew arrived.

A family member in the home told police she last saw them about an hour an a half earlier.

The bodies were discovered by two other families members who had left home about two hours earlier, returned, began looking for the grandmother and grandson, and discovered them in the pool, police said.

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