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Thursday, January 9, 2014

How Many Calories Do I Need Per Day

How Many Calories Do I Need Per Day

How Do I Calculate Caloric Needs Based On My Goal gain/loss/maintain?

Listen, figuring out how many calories a day you need to lose weight, maintain your weight or gain weight really isnt too hard. And with the formula Im about to give you plus a very cool website, you can easily track where you are and what you need to do daily to reach your goals. So lets begin!

This is what I need to just keep what I have, without moving. But remember, you do move. So you have to then calculate your metabolic factors into this so off to step 2

Figure out your metabolic factor according to the table below.

But first, some definitions to help you determine where you might fit in:

Slow Metabolism: You basically look at food and you seem to put on pounds. You can gain weight by eating salads but its difficult to lose the weight.

Moderator Metabolism: You can gain weight if you try. You can lose weight if you try. You really dont have trouble losing weight depending on what you want to do.

Fast Metabolism: You are the skinny guy or gal who can eat ANYTHING and it makes no difference. Gaining weight is difficult. Losing weight can happen overnight. you seem to shed pounds.

I need 2,880.90 calories to maintain my current weight with my current activities.

Note: You can also adjust your metabolic factor if you do something that might take you to the next level. If you are a moderator metabolism person but you do distance running, it might make more sense to put your self in the fast category since you burn a lot more calories.

Now change the above with about 500 calories every day to reach your goals!

Lose Weight: I would take 2880.90 500 = 2380.90

Maintain Weight: I would just leave it at 2880.90 and continue what I was doing in my activities

Gain Weight: I would take 2880.90 + 500 = 3380.90

Note: 500 calories a day is just a general term everybody uses to say that adding this amount is within safe limits. Eat too much, and you end up storing fat. Cut too many calories and your body just goes into starvation mode and ends up retaining more fat. 500 is a safe, recommended guideline.

You must track what you are eating so youll know if youve made your goal for the day. And tracking food does not have to be complicated with weights and scales.

Its a shame that so many people just start training and never figure out what they need to eat daily to reach their goals.

You can keep doing the math over and over as you reach a goal. If you are bulking, your requirements will change as you progress. And when you lose weight they will as well. You might want to lose weight, reach a target weight and then maintain. So you will do this formula again when you have hit the weight you want.

keep it up. lots of good infomation.

The work of Article writing, indeed, is a Creative activity. Whether we are Article writing about our own lives or creating stories based upon plots and lettering that exist within our imaginations, we are creating new worlds and reinventing ourselves through the details of existing ones.

The articles, tools, and resources featured in this section on the Creativity Portal Web site will help you with your creative writing and fiction writing activities. I followed this math and got a crazy amount of calories needed to maintain my current weight. I weigh 253 pounds, this x 11 = 2,783 calories. I am 3040 yrs old with a Moderator metabolism. So 2,783 x 35% = 974, this plus 2,783 = 3,757. This amount of 3,757 apparently is what I need to maintain my 253 pound frame without doing any extra exercise than I already do on a daily basis. I guarantee this is total crap. For the past 7 weeks I have been on a program of 1,900 calories a day and have lost 15 pounds. 1 pound = 3,500 calories. If this math is true I will have been consuming 1,857 calories per day below what I need for 7 weeks, that is the equivalent of losing 1 pound every 2 days which over 7 weeks means I should have lost 25 pounds and I have only in reality lost 15 pounds. I think the result after Step 1 of 2,783 is a more realistic number while Step 2 looks way over the top.

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